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Image of immersive experience with neon pink and orange lights, waves of purple and teal, and people milling about

Resources from Dec. 5 Executive Briefing & Upcoming Seminar on Immersive Experiences

ISSUE 2 • December 2022

Executive Briefing Resources & Upcoming Seminar on Immersive Experiences Thank you for registering for the Dec. 6 Executive Briefing with Alan Brown: “What Happened to Audiences?” Below, you’ll >>

A dark, mysterious pink and purple space with people standing inside. In China, Shanghai, taken on November 22, 2019: Immersive Experience Exhibition Room at Epson

What Happened to Audiences?

ISSUE 1 • November 2022

Register Now: Monday, December 5 Executive Briefing Two years and nine months since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, audiences have largely adapted to the new normal in >>