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WolfBrown’s new community of practice is designed to support nonprofit arts organizations as they navigate the complex programmatic space of augmented, immersive, and virtual experiences. We hope you find Immersed in the Future rewarding and invite you to join in!

New Spaces, Promising Partnerships, and a Bankruptcy

ISSUE 6 • October 2023

The Inevitable Maturation of the Immersive Realm

By Marco E. Bruscoli, Scholar-in-Residence, WolfBrown

This summer provided me with a much-anticipated break – a time to reflect and assess the rapidly evolving landscape of immersive experiences. Rather than overwhelming you with updates on individual productions (which is becoming increasingly challenging), I’d like to focus instead on high level shifts in the marketplace, both in terms of supply and demand.

There is evidence to suggest that the immersive paradigm is starting to take on a more defined structure concerning the production and distribution of new content. Much like the growing nervous system of a young child, this steady evolution is forging new kinds of spaces, formats and communities, and rapidly actualizing its inherent potential and promise.

The audacious decision by the Venice Film Festival to turn the entire Lazzaretto Vecchio island in the Venetian lagoon into a global stage for artistic immersive experiences particularly struck me. An island that once isolated those afflicted by epidemics now gleams as a symbol of rebirth in the post-COVID era, celebrating resilience and innovation in the immersive cultural world.

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