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WolfBrown’s new community of practice is designed to support nonprofit arts organizations as they navigate the complex programmatic space of augmented, immersive, and virtual experiences. We hope you find Immersed in the Future rewarding and invite you to join in!

Bridging Realities and the Future of Digital Arts Content

ISSUE 5 • May 2023

Bridging Realities and the Future “Depthcast” of Digital Performing Art Contents

By Marco E. Bruscoli, Scholar-in-Residence, WolfBrown

Coming out of the pandemic, nonprofit arts organizations are struggling to make sense of digital programming opportunities moving forward. Some have altogether abandoned digital initiatives undertaken during the pandemic, while others continue the search for a sustainable business model for digital content.

According to a June 2023 Audience Outlook Monitor survey of over 8,000 arts patrons across the US, approximately half say they have ‘little or no interest’ in watching ‘online programs offered by cultural organizations, such as live streamed programs and video recordings of recent productions.’ Another 45% say they’ll selectively watch digital content if the spirit moves them, and just 5% say they actively seek out such content. Results do not vary by age.

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