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WolfBrown’s new community of practice is designed to support nonprofit arts organizations as they navigate the complex programmatic space of augmented, immersive, and virtual experiences. We hope you find Immersed in the Future rewarding and invite you to join in!

Welcome to Immersed in the Future

ISSUE 1 • January 2023

Diving into the Immersive Future

By Marco E. Bruscoli, Scholar-in-Residence, WolfBrown

Every Sunday morning I’m always impressed to see full-page advertisements in the New York Times for immersive exhibitions. From Van Gogh to Klimt to the Immersive King Tut, during 2022 it was difficult to follow any media without encountering two buzzwords: “IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE.”

I keep wondering – how did these commercial production companies earn the attention of the general public in such a short period of time, gaining ubiquity in almost every communication channel?

What are the most promising artistic possibilities in this confusing landscape of technologies and formats? How can we extend our mission-driven artistic work into the augmented, immersive and virtual programming spaces, and find new revenues and audiences in the process?

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Welcome to Immersed in the Future

ISSUE 1 • January 2023