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On Our Minds

On Our Minds is our signature newsletter for sharing what’s new at WolfBrown. Published about six times a year, it provides a lively platform for our consultants’ updates and findings.

Blurred out board members

Leadership Training in the Arts: When Will We Get It Right?

ISSUE 21 • November 2023

By Thomas Wolf, Dennie Palmer Wolf, Alan Brown, Antonio C. Cuyler, Annick Odom It was less than fifty years ago that Garrison Keillor parodied the newly emerging field >>

Unlearning for Equity: Rethinking Capacity Building for Boards

ISSUE 21 • November 2023

An Interview with Antonio C. Cuyler By Alan Brown (edited by Annick Odom) This post is part of a series examining more leadership training in the arts. Antonio >>

Blurred out board members

Preparing Board Members for Their Stewardship Role: Whose Job Is It?

ISSUE 21 • November 2023

By Alan Brown This post is part of a series examining more leadership training in the arts. Recent strategic planning assignments have cast me into the treacherous landscape >>

Audience Outlook Monitor

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Register for a FREE Community Event

ISSUE 11 • August 2023

Reexamining Customer Relationships: Exploring Educational Relationships Part 2 in our continuing our series on customer relationships Can arts groups offer customer relationships centered on learning as a means of accomplishing >>

Audience Experience Survey

Introducing the Audience Experience Survey

ISSUE 10 • June 2023

The Audience Experience Survey Cohort registration now open, until September 8, 2023 The Audience Experience Survey will inform your work in providing fulfilling experiences for audience members before, during, and after >>

IDEA Study

Introducing the IDEA Study

ISSUE 8 • June 2023

An opt-in survey of audience attitudes about inclusion, diversity, and equity   Attention: Marketing, HR, Programming, Board, Front of House   The IDEA Study, Phase 1 Registration now open >>

Immersed in the Future

WolfBrown’s new community of practice is designed to support nonprofit arts organizations as they navigate the complex programmatic space of augmented, immersive, and virtual experiences. We hope you find Immersed in the Future rewarding and invite you to join in!

Venice building on the water

New Spaces, Promising Partnerships, and a Bankruptcy

ISSUE 6 • October 2023

This summer gave me a much-anticipated break – a time to reflect and assess the rapidly evolving landscape of immersive experiences. Rather than overwhelming you with updates on >>

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Bridging Realities and the Future of Digital Arts Content

ISSUE 5 • May 2023

Coming out of the pandemic, nonprofit arts organizations are struggling to make sense of digital programming opportunities moving forward. Some have altogether abandoned digital initiatives undertaken during the >>

Image of child in a grid patterned room

Elevating Storytelling and Emotional Connection in Immersive Design

ISSUE 4 • May 2023

As my research into the immersive paradigm goes deeper and deeper, I’m continually reminded that we are three-dimensional human beings. We do not inhabit a flat, two-dimensional world; >>

Amplifying Creative Opportunities

WolfBrown’s Amplifying Creative Opportunities team will be reporting on, linking to, discussing, and debating what it really takes to throw open the doors of arts and culture. Our specialty newsletter will explore inclusive practices—from lullabies with young families to end-of-life art-making, conducted in collaborative and expansive ways. Join us!

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Uplifting and Centering Youth Perspective and Leadership: Lessons from Partners for Rural Impact and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

ISSUE 3 • August 2023

Breaking Barriers Typically, we define arts learning as learning to draw, dance, act, or play an instrument, but those technical skills are often the setting for learning other >>

Image of a visual experiment, a person drawn in pastels by a child

Reframing Our Thinking: The Arts Inventing Opportunity Structures

ISSUE 2 • May 2023

By Dr. Dennie Palmer Wolf and Colleagues This second issue of Amplifying Creative Opportunities focuses on the concept of opportunity structures: the deliberate choices we can make that limit >>

A visual experiment. Images of beakers.

A Visual Experiment

ISSUE 2 • May 2023

A visual experiment to get you thinking about what facilitates and what limits who gets to enter, belong, and contribute in the field of arts and culture. By >>