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On Our Minds

On Our Minds is our signature newsletter for sharing what’s new at WolfBrown. Published about six times a year, it provides a lively platform for our consultants’ updates and findings.

Image of children raising their hands in a music class.

The Path is Made by Walking: Creating Equitable Pathways in the Arts

ISSUE 1 • January 2023

Traveler, the path is your tracksAnd nothing more.Traveler, there is no pathThe path is made by walking.By walking you make a path. – Antonio Machado The next four >>

The sign

2022 – The Year in Transitions

ISSUE 2 • December 2022

As one year transitions to another, it is our custom to share with you a series of reflections on the milestones and tectonic shifts in our understandings of >>

Image of silloutes in a warehouse type setting watching a man play the piano

Digital Strategies: The Future of Classical Music Video

ISSUE 1 • December 2022

How does one get classical music performances to listeners during a pandemic when no one is allowed in concert halls? The obvious answer is to rely on video >>

Audience Outlook Monitor

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Resources from Dec. 5 Executive Briefing & Upcoming Seminar on Immersive Experiences

ISSUE 2 • December 2022

Executive Briefing Resources & Upcoming Seminar on Immersive Experiences Thank you for registering for the Dec. 6 Executive Briefing with Alan Brown: “What Happened to Audiences?” Below, you’ll >>

A dark, mysterious pink and purple space with people standing inside. In China, Shanghai, taken on November 22, 2019: Immersive Experience Exhibition Room at Epson

What Happened to Audiences?

ISSUE 1 • November 2022

Register Now: Monday, December 5 Executive Briefing Two years and nine months since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, audiences have largely adapted to the new normal in >>

Immersed in the Future

WolfBrown’s new community of practice is designed to support nonprofit arts organizations as they navigate the complex programmatic space of augmented, immersive, and virtual experiences. We hope you find Immersed in the Future rewarding and invite you to join in!

Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit

Welcome to Immersed in the Future

ISSUE 1 • January 2023

Every Sunday morning I’m always impressed to see full-page advertisements in the New York Times for immersive exhibitions. From Van Gogh to Klimt to the Immersive King Tut, >>

Amplifying Creative Opportunities

Coming in 2023! WolfBrown’s Amplifying Creative Opportunities team will be reporting on, linking to, discussing, and debating what it really takes to throw open the doors of arts and culture. Our specialty newsletter will explore inclusive practices—from lullabies with young families to end-of-life art-making, conducted in collaborative and expansive ways. Join us! In the meantime, we invite you to read the reflection below related to a recent project with Olney Culture Lab.

Olney Embrace Project

Complexity and Community: Measuring the Common Wealth

ISSUE 1 • January 2023

By Catherine Reed Holochwost How do you measure a community? How can you add richness, texture, and detail to the bare facts of dollars invested and audiences engaged? >>