Sector Support

Sector Support Wolfbrown

Current Areas of Inquiry

Strengthening systems of artist support: WolfBrown’s groundbreaking research offers fresh thinking to funders and policymakers about approaches for supporting artists in ways that are more sustainable and that redress historical inequities.

Understanding arts ecosystems: In partnership with John Shibley, we examine different arts ecosystems through a systems dynamics lens, uncovering the underlying structures and belief systems that have shaped the ecosystem as we know it today.

Assessing the post-Covid financial condition of cultural organizations: We continue to partner with arts agencies and foundation funders to understand the rapidly shifting challenges and opportunities facing cultural organizations as the Covid-19 pandemic stretches beyond two years.

Through policy research, capacity building, and convening, we aim to support a more just and inclusive cultural sector.

Field learning is deeply embedded in our way of thinking about sector support. WolfBrown is a partner with national, state, and local arts agencies, as well as foundation funders. Working together, we critically examine the arts and culture sector and its structures and practices. We are seeking new and better approaches to supporting the sector and making it more equitable, inclusive, and accessible.

We have completed important policy-driven research assignments for numerous arts agencies and private foundations. These include the National Endowment for the Arts, Canada Council for the Arts, Arts Council England, Australia Council for the Arts, Federation of State Humanities Councils, and California Arts Council.


  • Sector-level needs assessments
  • Research on artists and artist support
  • Analysis of local arts ecosystems
  • Public participation studies
  • Field learning initiatives
  • Knowledge aggregation projects