Grantmakers in the Arts: Artist Support Benchmarking Initiative

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Team: John Carnwath, Alan Brown, Claudia Bach

Grantmakers in the Arts, the national association of arts funders, commissioned WolfBrown to establish benchmark data nationally on financial support provided to individual artists from public, private, and nonprofit organized grantmakers. What sources of financial support are important to artists? Is support for artists increasing, decreasing, or staying the same? The research and interpretation included recommendations for funders to initiate, improve, and expand their practices in providing support to individual artists. These recommendations have helped to define a field of practice that is significant in arts and culture funding.

A secondary goal of this project was to examine the potential for developing or modifying existing taxonomies and grant-coding systems among organizations tracking this data to allow for consistent and parallel exchange of their data.

The resulting report, A Proposed National Standard Taxonomy for Reporting Data on Support for Individual Artists, provided a detailed analysis and suggested a taxonomy of data variables for consistent tracking of artist support.