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On Our Minds

On Our Minds is our signature newsletter for sharing what’s new at WolfBrown. Published about six times a year, it provides a lively platform for our consultants’ updates and findings.

Image of children raising their hands in a music class.

The Path is Made by Walking: Creating Equitable Pathways in the Arts

ISSUE 1 • January 2023

Traveler, the path is your tracksAnd nothing more.Traveler, there is no pathThe path is made by walking.By walking you make a path. – Antonio Machado The next four >>

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2022 – The Year in Transitions

ISSUE 2 • December 2022

As one year transitions to another, it is our custom to share with you a series of reflections on the milestones and tectonic shifts in our understandings of >>

Image of silloutes in a warehouse type setting watching a man play the piano

Digital Strategies: The Future of Classical Music Video

ISSUE 1 • December 2022

How does one get classical music performances to listeners during a pandemic when no one is allowed in concert halls? The obvious answer is to rely on video >>

Image of printed documents in Cyrillic script

Could it Happen Again? The Fate of the Other Russian Musicians

During the present crisis in the Ukraine, much has been made of the fate of Russian musicians who are supporters of Vladimir Putin. Superstars like conductor Valery Gergiev and >>

Image of empty red theater seats in front of a closed red stage curtain

Digital Strategies: To Stream or Not To Stream

As the US gradually becomes vaccinated, performing arts organization leaders are faced with the Hamletian dilemma of whether to continue to offer digital streaming of live performances after >>

Raindrops ripple in a puddle that reflects a gray cityscape of skyscrapers.

Tomorrow is Another Day

During the COVID-19 pandemic, WolfBrown refined and focused our communications channels to help arts leaders navigate the crisis. With this issue of On Our Minds, we return to >>

Image of Natural Landscape Sculpture in the Desert

Milestones and Bridges We’ve Crossed

At this time of year it has been our tradition to reflect on the most meaningful arts experiences we’ve had during the year as a way of recognizing >>

Image of EJI's Peace and Justice Memorial in Montgomery, AL

On Memorials: A Meditation on Memorialization, Grieving, and the Arts

Nineteen months ago, I learned my grandmother was dying from COVID-19. Before receiving the news, I was thinking about making dinner. After receiving the news, I sat on >>