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Capitalization Needs of Arts & Cultural Organizations in Southeast Michigan, 2021 Update

by Alan Brown, John Carnwath, with Rebecca Thomas


Research Commissioned by CultureSource Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, the arts sector has experienced an extraordinary level of uncertainty and financial tumult. Two  >>

Canada Council for the Arts: Qualitative Impact Framework

by Alan Brown, John Carnwath, with James Doeser

November 2019

Across many developed economies, there is a drive to measure the impacts of the arts. Governments wish to measure the effects of their investments. Funders seek to spend  >>

An Investment Framework for Supporting the Artists Ecosystem

by Alan Brown, John Carnwath, Megan Bander, with Shalini Agrawal, Lily Kharrazi, Beatrice Thomas, in association with John Shibley Consulting

November 2019

Research Commissioned by the Kenneth Rainin Foundation At the heart of this report is the artistic idea that there is value in looking at something familiar in a  >>


Context is Key

by Laura Nelson Darling, Dr. Steven John Holochwost, Dr. Jennifer Coffman, Dr. Cathi Propper, Nicholas Wagner

February 20, 2022

Parasympathetic regulation in the classroom differentially predicts preschoolers’ socially comhttps://wolfbrown.local/wp-content/uploads/Milestones-and-Bridges-600-X-400-1-3.pngnt behaviors. Research shows that children’s early social comhttps://wolfbrown.local/wp-content/uploads/Milestones-and-Bridges-600-X-400-1-3.pngnce predicts their later academic and interpersonal success. Accordingly, early childhood  >>

Making Music, Promoting Development: The Power of Practice

by Dr. Dennie Palmer Wolf, Dr. Steven John Holochwost, Dr. Judith Hill Bose

May 30, 2019

Most arts education programs have focused on transmitting skills and proficiencies in their specific disciplines and graduating talented students doing high-quality work. Despite the growing momentum behind the  >>

Special Edition of the Arts Education Policy Review

by Dr. Dennie Palmer Wolf, Jeff Poulin

February 2021

In this special edition of Arts Education Policy Review (AEPR), Dr. Dennie Palmer Wolf and co-editor, Jeff Poulin of Creative Generation, bring together a variety of perspectives from  >>



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