Book: How to Connect with Donors and Double the Money You Raise

Dr. Thomas Wolf

October 6, 2021

Many nonprofits are constantly seeking out new donors to raise funds and meet fundraising goals. In the chase for those additional dollars, fundraisers and institutions often forget what’s at the heart of it all: human relationships.

Ten years after the initial release of his book, Dr. Thomas Wolf has published a new, digital edition titled How to Connect with Donors and Double the Money You Raise. It features an an introduction by Hodding Carter. Replete with new stories and updated to reflect the ever-evolving ways we connect, the book convincingly shows that successful fundraising is all about turning a name in a database into a relationship. When you do that, the money will flow.

Colleagues and practitioners had this to say:

“With colorful and provocative stories, Tom Wolf reminds us that fundraising is an art not a science. It is about people, not about institutions. When did you last enjoy a book about asking people for money?”

Michael Marsicano, Foundation for the Carolinas

“Tom Wolf focuses on the relationship side of fundraising, and therefore provides welcome relief as the craft becomes increasingly metric-oriented—the number of calls, meetings, asks. He provides great encouragement to use more imagination, time, and care in connecting to people.”

Christine W. Letts, Harvard University

“Practical, funny, clear, innovative—Tom Wolf’s book is all these things and more. His real world experiences demystify the art of asking for money and remind us that giving always starts from the heart.”

Lee Salter, Retired President, The McConnell Foundation

As a courtesy, for readers of this WolfBrown website, we have provided the full text of this book for you to access and download.

You can buy a physical copy at your preferred online bookseller. Options include, but are not limited to:


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