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WolfBrown’s Amplifying Creative Opportunities team will be reporting on, linking to, discussing, and debating what it really takes to throw open the doors of arts and culture. Our specialty newsletter will explore inclusive practices—from lullabies with young families to end-of-life art-making, conducted in collaborative and expansive ways. Join us!

Fellows of the Ghetto Film School give a thumbs up for the camera, and behind it, as they learn the art and science of storytelling and filmmaking.

Ghetto Film School Re-invents Admissions

ISSUE 3 • April 2024

Re-tooling the Trade Gaining entry into an award-winning, highly-competitive arts program is often a marathon of submitting transcripts, writing a personal statement, submitting a portfolio, or taking an >>

Students taking pictures with posters

Uplifting and Centering Youth Perspective and Leadership: Lessons from Partners for Rural Impact and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

ISSUE 3 • August 2023

Breaking Barriers Typically, we define arts learning as learning to draw, dance, act, or play an instrument, but those technical skills are often the setting for learning other >>

Image of a visual experiment, a person drawn in pastels by a child

Reframing Our Thinking: The Arts Inventing Opportunity Structures

ISSUE 2 • May 2023

By Dr. Dennie Palmer Wolf and Colleagues This second issue of Amplifying Creative Opportunities focuses on the concept of opportunity structures: the deliberate choices we can make that limit >>

A visual experiment. Images of beakers.

A Visual Experiment

ISSUE 2 • May 2023

A visual experiment to get you thinking about what facilitates and what limits who gets to enter, belong, and contribute in the field of arts and culture. By >>

Universal design chart

Universal Design as a Foundation for Opportunity Structures

ISSUE 2 • May 2023

This piece is dedicated to the memory and work of Don Glass, an artist, educator, and researcher who devoted his considerable imagination to thinking about the many ways >>

NYO2 student speaking with audience member

Youth Orchestras as Opportunity Structures

ISSUE 2 • May 2023

Could the arts led the way in amplifying creative opportunities? Could youth orchestras teach symphonies how to become more inclusive organizations? Read this piece to see what it >>

Image of people shaking hands

Interviews as Opportunity Structures

ISSUE 2 • May 2023

In this piece, Tom Wolf discusses the need to re-think the interview process by leaving behind the search for a “good match” and instead emphasizing the search for >>

Image of twig art

Keeping Curious: For Your Library & Toolbox

ISSUE 2 • May 2023

Each quarter we will share a list of the resources (books, articles, films, websites, and events) that have us thinking. By Kathleen Hill, Dr. Dennie Palmer Wolf, Dr. Thomas >>

Image of a blue woman painted on a mural with green plants all around

Amplifying Creativity Opportunities? What Exactly Does that Mean?

ISSUE 1 • February 2023

By Dr. Dennie Palmer Wolf and Colleagues Welcome to our first issue of a quarterly newsletter about the work we and our colleagues are doing to think about >>

Olney Embrace Project

Complexity and Community: Measuring the Common Wealth

ISSUE 1 • February 2023

By Catherine Reed Holochwost As we think about sharing the opportunities to create more equitably, there is no more fundamental work than thinking about how we share the >>

Colorful Mural in Brooklyn

Five Steps for Equity

ISSUE 1 • February 2023

By Dr. Thomas Wolf As we think about new approaches to arts and culture, it’s possible to get caught up thinking in terms of “the bad old ways” >>

Three birds - re-tooling the trade

Tracking and Timing Visitor Behavior at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan

ISSUE 1 • February 2023

By Kathleen Hill The daily practices and tools we use in both designing and evaluating programs are some of the most powerful, but least acknowledged, ways in which >>