Book: Managing a Nonprofit Organization (40th Anniversary Edition)

Dr. Thomas Wolf

July 19, 2022

Free Press

An essential and practical resource for the nonprofit field.

Cover Image of Managing a Nonprofit Organization Book

Celebrating its fortieth anniversary, this classic is now updated for a new generation. Tens of thousands of staff members, trustees, students, and volunteers can once again hone skills and acquire new knowledge from this significantly revised and expanded volume. Nonprofits today face new challenges: political, economic, and demographic shifts affecting governance, funding, and services. At the same time, organizations still require strong leadership and skilled management. But in an age of technological innovation, they must leverage social media and viral marketing, reassess service delivery, and meet the needs of new constituents.

Dr. Wolf’s update of Managing a Nonprofit Organization broadens the conversation and includes new chapters on diversity, equity, and inclusion; philanthropy; and crisis management in our highly connected, social media-fueled world. The book looks anew at the pillars of nonprofit management—assembling a cohesive team, recruiting the right members for the board, creating good internal policies and sound financial management, ensuring long-term sustainability, and providing effective leadership. At the same time, Dr. Wolf offers an updated roadmap for raising money and telling your story effectively. The book’s easy-to-understand language and study questions at the end of each chapter guide readers through the complexities of the nonprofit world, giving you everything you need to succeed.

Key topics include:

  • Communication between managerial parties
  • Sharing powers and responsibilities
  • Fundraising
  • Financial oversight and boundaries
  • Planning programs
  • Hiring and firing
  • Developing partnerships
  • Assessing business practices
  • Building productive working relationships
    and much more

Whether you are an executive director, a board member, or someone contemplating either important role, Managing in Nonprofit Organizations is an excellent resource for understanding the dynamics of nonprofits and creating a strong organization.

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