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Introducing the Tastes and Preferences Survey (Music Version)

ISSUE 12 • February 2024

Tastes and Preferences

How Are Audience Tastes Changing?

Register to Join the Music Cohort by Feb. 16

Our newest survey has arrived! The Tastes and Preferences Survey is the fourth and last of the four basic Audience Outlook Monitor surveys. We’ll implement this survey on two tracks: 

  1. A version for theatre audiences will be piloted in February with a small cohort of theatres
  2. A version specific to orchestras, operas, chamber music presenters, and choral organizations will deploy in March, in partnership with the League of American Orchestras. 

The music version of the Tastes and Preferences Survey examines patrons’ programming interests, satisfaction with season offerings, appetite for new work, interest in conventional and alternative formats, interest in thematic concert programs, and other topics.

To learn more about this survey, please register for the informational session on Tuesday, Jan. 30 at 2:30 pm EST. If you’re unavailable at that time, register anyway to receive a link to the session’s recording afterwards.