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Introducing the Communications and Media Use Survey

ISSUE 7 • June 2023

Image about Communications and Media Use Survey

Communications and Media Use Survey

Cohort registration now open until July 14, 2023

We’re pleased to introduce one of our four basic surveys — a quantitative protocol measuring patrons’ communications and media use behaviors. How are your ticket buyers accessing information about upcoming cultural events? What specific print, email, radio, TV, social media and other digital media sources do they rely on? How do they share or spread event information? What other cultural organizations in your marketplace do they follow? 

Participating organizations will be required to customize the answer items for approximately eight questions, so that results reflect your specific local/regional media landscape. Results will be available through the WolfBrown dashboard. 

Findings from this survey will allow organizations to forecast where communications spend has the highest probability for measurable results, based on the specific ways their unique audience interacts with local, regional, and national media landscapes. This survey will: 

  • Identify media sources that most highly match the preferences of your existing audiences, with the goal of finding new, like-minded attendees
  • Explore media sources that cater to specific target audiences you’re working to include in your total audience demographics 
  • Reduce wasted spending on media buys with low return on investment 
  • Understand how the media and consumption preferences of your audiences are changing over time, so you can adapt your strategy 
  • Fine-tune the relationship between your artistic programming and a customized media outreach plan to relevant media outlets  

We invite you to attend our informational webinar on Monday, June 26 from 1:00 – 2:00 pm EDT | 10:00 – 11:00 am PDT. Learn about the survey cohort and ask us any questions.