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Announcing the Post-Event Feedback Surveys 2024-25 Cohort

ISSUE 30 • May 2024

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Attention: Marketing and communications teams

Post-Event Feedback Surveys Cohort

Inviting audiences to reflect on their experiences with your artistic programs is a critical part of the customer journey. We invite you to attend a free informational session on June 10 from 2:00 – 3:00 pm EDT | 11:00 am – 12:00 pm PDTWe’ll delve into the survey’s features and cohort learning activities, share best practices for deployment, and answer any questions.

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Post-Event Feedback Survey Images in wine red

Focus on Audience Feedback

Registration is now open until June 28, 2024

For over 20 years, WolfBrown has been an industry leader in designing and implementing Post-Event Feedback Surveys, supporting hundreds of performing arts organizations in understanding satisfaction and impact. 

What You Can Expect

Our Post-Event Feedback Surveys are flexible, easy-to-implement tools for gathering immediate audience feedback after performances. As a cohort member, you’ll move through the process alongside other organizations, with the unique advantage of being able to survey as many programs or productions as you wish throughout your season. You can set your own survey schedule based on your need for feedback. Results are compiled in a dashboard report, which includes data from other cohort members. WolfBrown staff support cohort members through monthly online learning sessions. The 2024-25 period of service for this cohort will run from August 1, 2024, to July 31, 2025.

Choose from Eight Survey Protocols

You can utilize eight standardized survey protocols developed by WolfBrown:
– Performance
– Children’s Performance
– Camps & Classes
– Visits
– Children’s Visits
– Children’s Field Trips & School Tours
– School Programs
– Adult Education Programs

These protocols enable organizations to gather feedback and audience metrics, including demographics, buyer behavior, social context, motivations, intrinsic impacts, engagement, and satisfaction. All questions are optional, and cohort members can ask one completely customized question. We recommend deploying Post-Event Feedback Surveys across your full slate of program offerings to allow for comparison of results across your full portfolio of programs and to assess total audience reach.

Highlights from the 2023-24 Findings

The 22 organizations that participated in last year’s cohort gained valuable insights, using audience feedback to understand each event in their season and plan for future events to better reach their goals. For example:

  • The Audience Perspective: Ticket buyers provided over 45,000 open-ended responses. When asked how the events made them feel, the most frequent words used were entertained, excited, happy, impressed, inspired, and moved. Some events elicited different feelings, with some ticket buyers saying they felt angry, challenged, confused, sad, or uncomfortable.
  • Program Differentiation: Feedback showed how strongly programming affects social bridging. Depending on the event, anywhere from 2% to 52% of audience members felt they gained a new understanding of people who are different from them, or a culture other than their own. Some cohort members used this and other impact metrics to track success in terms of programmatic goals instead of just ticket sales.
  • Comparison Across Audiences: Generally, younger audience members were more likely to have their expectations exceeded but were less likely to attend another event by the organization that sent the survey. Cohort learning sessions discussed this and how findings like it can be translated into actionable decisions to help audience acquisition and retention goals.

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