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Introducing the IDEA Study

ISSUE 8 • June 2023

IDEA Study

An opt-in survey of audience attitudes about inclusion, diversity, and equity  

Attention: Marketing, HR, Programming, Board, Front of House  

The IDEA Study, Phase 1

Registration now open until August 11, 2023

We’re pleased to be offering a special research initiative to the arts sector –  a quantitative survey of audience attitudes about inclusion, diversity, and equity

Many arts organizations are taking steps to increase diversity in staffing and board membership. Some organizations have also diversified their programming and are working to serve a broader public. The IDEA Study aims to explore how arts organizations can engage audiences in becoming more inclusive, diverse, and equitable:

  • To what extent do audience members see themselves as stakeholders in arts organizations’ EDI work?
  • How might arts organizations more deeply enfranchise audience members in this work?
  • How do audience members feel about efforts by arts organizations to diversify their artistic offerings and production practices?
  • What is the appetite for programs that center the artistry and stories of historically marginalized populations?
  • How far do audience members think individual arts organizations should go in acknowledging, deconstructing, and redressing structures of cultural production that privilege some and exclude others?

A second phase of the IDEA Study in 2024 will delve deeply into the accessibility needs of audiences.

We invite you to attend our informational webinar on July 24 from 1:00 – 2:00 pm EDT | 10:00 – 11:00 am PDT. Learn about the survey cohort and ask us any questions.