Olney Culture Lab

Olney Culture Lab: Reflections from The Olney Embrace Project

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Team: Catherine Reed Holochwost

The Olney Embrace Project (TOEP) was an ambitious project that commissioned twelve multidisciplinary artists and musicians to create work that would celebrate the rich, pluralistic identity of the Olney neighborhood of Philadelphia. In an era where identity seems to polarize more than it unites, the project offers valuable lessons for communities and nonprofit organizations on their journeys toward fostering more inclusive, generous, and resilient connections.

To capture the learnings from The Olney Embrace Project, Catherine Reed Holochwost, a WolfBrown affiliated researcher and scholar, conducted semi-structured interviews with key members of the Olney Culture Lab staff and their collaborators. Conversations were conducted virtually as well as in the Olney community.

Read the report here.

Read a blog by Catherine Reed Holochwost titled “Complexity and Community: Measuring the Common Wealth,” which she wrote for our newsletter Amplifying Creative Opportunities.