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WolfBrown consultants author peer-reviewed papers for academic journals and other publications.

Research: Music Education and Neurophysiological Regulation in Early Childhood

by Eleanor D. Brown, Dr. Steven John Holochwost, Dr. Dennie Palmer Wolf, Alyssa A. Allen, Mallory L. Garnett, Blanca Velazquez-Martin, Suzanne Varnell, Jessa L. Malatesta


Should Teachers Guide or Get Out of the Way? Special Issue Article in Mind, Brain and Education, 2023. Abstract Access to high-quality early music education programs may mitigate the effects of poverty  >>

Research: More Light About Each Other

Theater Education as a Context for Developing Social Awareness and Relationship Skills In this paper, we make the case that theater education can help children develop social awareness  >>

Book: Effective Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations

by Dr. Thomas Wolf

January 02, 2014

How Executive Directors and Boards Work Together Managing a nonprofit organization has many challenges. One key to success is building a strong relationship between the executive director and  >>

Research: Impact of an Intensive Arts and Culture Internship on Under-served High School Students

by Henry Clapp

September 28, 2021

Background On-the-job work experiences are essential for developing students’ interest in future education and careers, as well as their hard and soft career skills. Capable mentors appear to be  >>

Blog: How Executive Directors and Boards Work Together (Part 1)

by Dr. Thomas Wolf

Updated on March 9, 2023 (Originally published January 02, 2014)

A Series of Case Studies from Effective Leadership for Nonprofit Organizations After many years of consulting, I came across a persistent problem in many organizations. Executive directors and boards  >>

Research: Music Education, Academic Achievement, and Executive Functions

by Dr. Steven John Holochwost, Dr. Dennie Palmer Wolf, Cathi B. Propper, Michael T. Willoughby, Kelly R Fisher, Jacek Kolacz, Vanessa V Volpe, Sara R Jaffee


Abstract This study examined whether music education was associated with improved performance on measures of academic achievement and executive functions. Participants were 265 school-age children (Grades 1 through  >>

Book: The Routledge Companion to Music and Human Rights

The Routledge Companion to Music and Human Rights is a collection of case studies spanning a wide range of concerns about music and human rights in response to intensifying  >>

Blog: All Hands On Deck

by Alan Brown

January 26, 2021

A Call to Action for Arts and Public Health For nine months during 2020 we navigated the worst crisis to hit the arts and culture sector in modern  >>

Blog: Save the Arts and Serve All the People

by Joseph H. Kluger, Gary P. Steuer

May 16, 2020

Save the arts and serve all the people, restore OACCE and PCF budgets, Part 2 Although we understand the City of Philadelphia faces financial challenges from the coronavirus  >>