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WolfBrown consultants author peer-reviewed papers for academic journals and other publications.

Special Edition of the Arts Education Policy Review

by Dr. Dennie Palmer Wolf, Jeff Poulin

February 2021

In this special edition of Arts Education Policy Review (AEPR), Dr. Dennie Palmer Wolf and co-editor, Jeff Poulin of Creative Generation, bring together a variety of perspectives from  >>

Book: Effective Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations

by Dr. Thomas Wolf

January 02, 2014

How Executive Directors and Boards Work Together Managing a nonprofit organization has many challenges. One key to success is building a strong relationship between the executive director and  >>

The Arts and Socioemotional Development: Evaluating a New Mandate for Arts Education

by Dr. Steven John Holochwost, Dr. Dennie Palmer Wolf, Kelly R. Fisher, Kelly O'Grady, Kristin M. Gagnier

October 26, 2017

Abstract In this chapter, we present the results of our assessment of the impacts of arts education on the development of socioemotional skills. For this inquiry, we collected  >>

Book: The Nightingale’s Sonata

by Dr. Thomas Wolf

June 4, 2019

Spanning generations, from the shores of the Black Sea to the glittering concert halls of New York, The Nightingale’s Sonata is a richly woven tapestry centered around violin virtuoso  >>

Impact of an Intensive Arts and Culture Internship on Under-served High School Students

by Henry Clapp

September 28, 2021

Background On-the-job work experiences are essential for developing students’ interest in future education and careers, as well as their hard and soft career skills. Capable mentors appear to be  >>

All the World’s a Stage: Venues and Settings, and the Role they Play in Shaping Patterns of Arts Participation

by Alan Brown

Summer 2012

Why will some people engage with art in one setting, but not another? For example, why will someone watch great drama on television at home, but never darken  >>

To Stream, or Not to Stream?

by Joseph H. Kluger, Michael Bronson

Summer 2021

Orchestras raced to put music online during the pandemic as a matter of necessity. But the move to streaming only accelerated a trend that was already underway. As  >>

An Architecture of Value

by Alan Brown


Can you explain, in simple terms, how you or someone you know is changed by listening to music, watching a dance performance, looking at an artwork, or writing  >>

All Hands On Deck: A Call to Action for Arts and Public Health

by Alan Brown

January 26, 2021

For nine months during 2020 we navigated the worst crisis to hit the arts and culture sector in modern times. Diminished and weary, we soldiered on valiantly in  >>