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As Virginia Woolf said, ‘The only thing in this world is music – music and books and one or two pictures.’ My favorite novel by Woolf, Mrs. Dalloway, explores the complexity of the human mind, and is shaped by music. My intersectional identity as a writer, singer, and researcher influences my desire to develop more evidence-based methods incorporating the power of music in my work, tapping into its ability to heal, and spread joy in our communities.”

Anusha Mohan (she/her) joined the Cambridge office of WolfBrown in 2023 to support the team by contributing to the formulation, implementation, and management of research projects. To learn more about Anusha, you can read her recent post for On Our Minds, where she shares her renewed passion for fostering community through the arts in her role at WolfBrown.

She is a graduate from the University of Connecticut, where she pursued her studies in Psychological Sciences and Neurosciences, completing a thesis project on the validation of novel pitch discrimination measure for use with pre-school age children and graduate level coursework in clinical psychology and family studies. 

She continued to work in the realm of research after graduating. Prior to joining WolfBrown, Anusha Mohan spent three years working as the Laboratory Manager of a longitudinal study, Autism Long-Term Outcomes Study, funded by the National Institutes of Health. She has worked with renowned universities and healthcare institutions such as Hartford Institute of Living, UConn Health, and Yale University to coordinate complex research programs. In these positions, she supported research efforts in developing technology for school readiness and learning evaluation, and developing trauma-informed interventions for survivors of interpersonal violence in marginalized communities.

Mohan has coauthored academic journal articles in autism research, presented at conferences, and has substantial experience in administering interviews and assessments in clinical psychology and school settings. In her previous work, she also created a website with therapeutic resources for parents of autistic children who have experienced sexual abuse.

Outside of her work at WolfBrown, Anusha enjoys doing yoga, singing, taking care of her plants, hanging out with her long-haired dachshund Toby, and cooking mostly New York Times-inspired recipes.

Anusha can be reached directly via email.

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