Morgan Library & Museum: A Strategic Plan

Image of the inside of the Morgan Library

A strategic plan for an independent research library and museum housing the collection of financier John Pierpont Morgan

Team: Thomas Wolf, Jane Culbert

The Morgan Library & Museum, an iconic collection in New York, opened to the public in 1906 to make publically available the extensive collections of John Pierpont Morgan, which included illuminated, literary, and historical manuscripts, early printed books, and old master drawings and paintings. The collection subsequently expanded to include music manuscripts, early children’s books, Americana, and materials from the 20th century. The planning process included task forces, interviews, and best practice research. The strategic plan focused on strengthening the collection, building relationships, enhancing interpretation, maximizing the potential of technology, and improving institutional sustainability. The final product included detailed financial scenarios as well as timelines for proposed actions and resulted in a successful capital campaign for implementation.