Big Thought: A Multi-Year, Learning Partnership

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Team: Alan Brown, Dennie Palmer Wolf, Thomas Wolf

Big Thought is one of the largest organizations in the United States that focuses on making creative learning part of the everyday life of children and families. The organization serves as managing partner of Thriving Minds, a $70 million City-wide partnership based around creative learning that involves the school district, city government, and scores of cultural institutions and community organizations. WolfBrown’s involvement with Big Thought and Thriving Minds has extended over many years and has included strategic planning, development assistance, sustainability planning, research, and evaluation. During the course of the research and evaluation work, WolfBrown and Big Thought developed a new concept of creative capital and used it to establish community-wide goals and the systems required to achieve them. Groundbreaking research has analyzed the supply of creative learning opportunities, the demand for them by children and families, and the quality of programs offered.

The Quality Review Binder co-authored by WolfBrown and Big Thought can be accessed here.