Regional Arts Commission: Creatives Count Presentation 2

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WolfBrown’s John Cornwath and Kacie Willis present a compelling view of how creatives experience the region. Over 1,500 respondents from diverse backgrounds and multiple disciplines throughout St. Louis City and County allows us to understand what it means to be a creator in our region. A timely follow up to the Artists Count survey in 2013, new information from the Creatives Count survey that closed August 2023 captures how the creative sector has responded to myriad challenges over the past decade. Panelists Jong Bum (JB) Kwon, Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Webster University
, J.S. Onésimo (Ness) Sándoval, Professor of Demography and Sociology at Saint Louis University, and Sheila Suderwalla, Executive Director of Artists First, contribute to the conversation.

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