Reexamining Customer Relationships, Part 2: Exploring Educational Relationships 

Alan Brown, Cayenne Harris, August 28, 2023

For 2023, AOM community activities will revolve around the topic of the future of customer relationships in the arts. Over the course of the year – and with your help – we’re bringing shape to a major research effort for 2024 that will inform the sector’s efforts to diversify customer relationships.

This one-hour webinar is a part of our series on customer relationships. We will interrogate the idea of relationships built on creating educational value and learning outcomes for adults.


  • Cayenne Harris, Vice President, Learning and Engagement, University Musical Society
  • Alan Brown (Managing Principal, WolfBrown) will moderate the session.
  • All participants will be invited to contribute ideas during this session

Cayenne Harris provides leadership, strategic direction, and operational oversight for UMS’s community, university, and K-12 education and engagement programs, and directs the team that produces over 200 free or low- cost educational and community events and a range of educational resources each season. Prior to working at UMS, she led the creation of Lyric Unlimited – a new arm of the organization dedicated to education, community engagement and new artistic initiatives – including its philosophy, structure, operation, and content, defining and communicating its core principles and strategic goals. She also created a wide-ranging program of community engagement initiatives, offering programming throughout Chicago’s neighborhoods and suburbs, dramatically increasing Lyric’s civic footprint to achieve a goal of serving 100,000 people annually.

Alan Brown is a leading researcher and management consultant in the arts and culture sector worldwide. His work focuses on understanding consumer demand for cultural experiences, evaluating support structures for the arts, and helping industry leaders make informed decisions and respond to changing conditions. He has conducted studies for various cultural organizations and authored research reports for foundations and agencies. He also developed the CultureLab website and chaired the Cultural Research Network. He recently worked on the Audience Outlook Monitor COVID-19 Study, a longitudinal analysis of audience attitudes about attending cultural events during the pandemic, involving over 650 organizations worldwide. In the coming years, he will focus on guiding arts organizations through the research and development process toward new product lines in digital, immersive, and virtual spaces.

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