Alan Kline | Director, Audience Research Program

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Not only does the episode ‘The Numbers’ of Helen Molesworth’s Death of an Artist podcast illustrate how museum’s patron system inhibits collection parity, but it is also a fantastic example of how to effectively incorporate data into storytelling.”

Alan Kline has dedicated his career to helping arts and culture organizations better understand and build their audiences by reaching new visitors and deepening their relationship with current attendees. As the Director of Audience Research Programs at WolfBrown, he has brought research insights and learning to hundreds of organizations, making data about their audiences accessible and guiding them in the best ways of interpreting and implementing their findings.

Alan directs the Audience Outlook Monitor program and oversaw its three-year COVID-19 study. Working directly with cohorts of arts organizations, the program delivered monthly findings on audience attitudes about arts during COVID to the field. His administration of this model through dozens of cohorts across three continents has shown the benefits of cohort learning. It paved the way for shared research that is more timely, cost-efficient, and actionable. He shared in his enthusiasm for the program in a recent post for our flagship newsletter “On Our Minds.”

A proponent of supporting organization-led research, Alan helms the Intrinsic Impact program that provides arts and culture organizations post-experience survey tools and methods, guiding them through implementation and data analysis. These studies focus on a variety of organizational research goals including demographics, buyer behavior, psychographics, engagement, loyalty, customer satisfaction, and intrinsic impact. He maintains the WolfBrown Dashboard and has developed it into a robust tool for visualizing audience data. The Dashboard enables WolfBrown clients to see, filter, and compare different data sets.

Alan holds a degree in theater and dance from Oberlin College. He was a stage manager in the San Francisco Bay Area and worked as Theatre Bay Area’s Marketing Resources Coordinator for four years. He brings years of teaching experience to his role at WolfBrown; he enjoys instructing social dance lessons in waltz, Irish ceili, English country dance, and other social dance forms, as well as running consent workshops. He is the president of San Francisco Bay Queer Contra Dance and a member of the board for East Bay Waltz. Alan regularly organizes dance events in the Bay Area.

Alan can be reached directly via email.


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