Abigale Franco | Associate for Research and Analysis

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If you’ve never tuned in, I highly recommend listening to Throughline from NPR. Every other week, hosts Ramtin Arablouei and Rund Abdelfatah take listeners on a deep dive into political, social, and cultural events that shape our world today. A couple of my favorite episodes are “400 Years of Sweetness,” which discusses how sugar became so integral to our diets and consumption habits today, and “The Whiteness Myth,” which explores the complicated history and evolution racial identity, particularly in the United States. Not only is the podcast delightful to listen to, but the hosts consistently inspire me to think critically about the ways in which I perceive, interpret, and interact with the world.”

Abigale Franco is a researcher with a background in project development, data analysis, and community engagement. Previously, she worked in the startup and nonprofit worlds studying issues revolving around education, accessibility and equity, and news media after earning her master’s in sociology from the University of Arkansas. In this new role with WolfBrown, Abigale will manage and assist various research endeavors based out of the Cambridge office. 

Abigale is passionate about using empirical data to support goals and outcomes for programs that center equity and justice – particularly for vulnerable and underserved communities. She is delighted to continue this work with the WolfBrown team. She can be found designing surveys, analyzing data, and helping clients meet project goals.

Previously, Abigale worked at SchoolCEO, where she worked on multiple projects, including a teacher survey.

Abigale can be reached directly via email.



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