Working together with our many collaborators, WolfBrown generates a steady stream of influential reports and publications. We advocate for transparency and public disclosure of intellectual property whenever possible, and actively work to tear down the barriers that prevent research reports and other useful information from benefiting the larger field. Our website is intended as a resource for the field, with Insights content grouped in several categories:

  • Reports include research papers, planning documents, and other deliverables we’ve created for or clients.  
  • Publications are peer-reviewed papers written for academic journals and other published articles.
  • Presentations are video recordings of speaking engagements and slide presentations prepared for industry conferences, seminars, and other meetings.
  • On Our Minds is WolfBrown’s periodic newsletter. Here you’ll find an archive of recent blog posts and self-published essays on topics of relevance to the sector.

If you’re looking for something specific and can’t find it, please contact us at