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Support for Sustainable Space Development

Given my background in urban planning, new funding initiatives that place arts facilities and programs in the context of community-building and neighborhood revitalization always pique my interest. LINC (Leveraging Investments in Community), in partnership with The Ford Foundation, has launched a new program to support the planning and development of new arts spaces called Space for Change. The program is notable for its holistic approach, which embeds planning, community engagement and operational capacity into the fabric of the funded facility projects.  In addition to funds towards planning and development, grant recipients will participate in training seminars in marketing, development, finance and other operational skills. Revitalizing communities through arts spaces is not as simple as renovating or building facilities.  It also involves supporting the ongoing needs of the artists and arts organizations that will inhabit these spaces, especially given the limited capacity of small and mid-sized arts groups to finance and operate facilities. The Space for Change  program is a step towards achieving a more comprehensive strategy of sustainable facility development, and could establish a new model for the sector.


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