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Dear Fairy Godmother…

With all of the recent interactive, community-based creative endeavors (e.g., Popup Magazine, Aaron Koblin‘s distributed works), and the allure of the all-night project (e.g., 24 Hour Plays), the research project I wish for is to engage a larger community in exploring designs for a next-generation arts space through an all-night hands-on event. Let’s get a mix of skills and knowledge levels into a room and see what happens!

This all-night design workshop would gather a group of community members (i.e., laypeople), arts administrators, and a few “experts” (e.g., urban planners, architects). The event would take place in an open and mutable space, such as a warehouse or an old airplane hanger. Participants would break into different teams associated with particular artistic disciplines. Through conversation, drawing, and building (materials to be determined), the teams would examine the design issues around their selected building typology. One team would look at museums, another would focus on concert halls, etc. The event would culminate in a presentation of design ideas by each team and perhaps even a voting on “best design.”

Though “Design the Next Generation Arts Space Sleepover” would not end up producing a finalized facility plan, the highly interactive and cooperative nature of the process could generate unforeseen and unique design ideas, as well as community buy-in and support for new building projects.

Thank you for considering my request.



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One Response to Dear Fairy Godmother…

  1. Jerry Yoshitomi says:

    Great idea. There’s research that suggests that some of the best ideas come in a sleep deprived state.

    Maybe we can have an artist design our jammies.

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