A National Collaborative Evaluation of El Sistema-inspired Music Education

The Longy School of Music of Bard College and WolfBrown have formed a strategic partnership to carry out a two-year study of the benefits of El Sistema-inspired programs for children in grades K-8.

Announcing a new Research Fellow at WolfBrown/Opportunity Lab

Dennie Wolf and Steven Holochwost welcome Kerry O'Grady, a visual artist, museum specialist, teacher, and researcher, as a 2017 Research Fellow.

Building Capacity for Audience Research

Alan Brown offers his reflections on the Audience Research Collaborative, an initiative of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation's Performing Arts Program.

New Publication in Arts Evaluation and Assessment: Measuring Impact in Schools and Communities

Steven Holochwost, Dennie Palmer Wolf, Kelly Fisher, Kerry O'Grady, and Kristen Gagnier's work has just been published as "The Arts and Socioemotional Development: Evaluating a New Mandate for Arts Education" in the edited volume Arts Evaluation and Assessment: Measuring Impact in Schools and Communities. The new publication from Palgrave Macmillan brings together a wide range of authors from varied disciplines discussing innovative approaches to measuring the impact of the arts on key areas of human functioning: learning, health, public discourse, place-making and more. Holochwost and Wolf's chapter wrestles with the thorny question of evaluating the impact of the arts in comples, real-world situations like urban schools and neighborhoods.

Sign up for Tom Wolf's Free Online Fundraising Course for Philanthropy University

Tom Wolf will continue to serve as part of the inaugural group of instructors for Philanthropy University this year. Additional sessions of his fundraising course are scheduled throughout 2016. Enroll now to participate.