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Catch Up Times

LA Times
Is the current economic crisis causing all of the pain arts nonprofits are feeling right now, or are other forces at work? The case of the well-respected Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles offers a forum in which to ask this important question. Everyone wants to point a finger and uncover the financial breakdown culprit, but identifying cause is not so simple. Do current financial emergencies stem from a long history of bad habits and fallen fundraising? Are they emblematic of decreased public and private philanthropy, not just in Los Angeles, but in other major metropolitan cities? How do we know when emergencies are a combination of long present issues coming to a head, such as an organization increasing expenses at a rate that outpaces revenue growth? The upside to MOCA’s crisis is that it has the opportunity to be an example of significant organizational change that may not only revive it, but become the bellwether for a new kind of nonprofit structure nationally.

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