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21st Century Community Living

The New York Times

I’ve always been intrigued by the whole “community living” idea. In theory, it sounds so idyllic – a throwback to a time when neighbors actually talked to each other and kids could roam around freely without parents worrying. But I always wonder, what if you hate your neighbors? Maybe I’m a curmudgeon, but the idea of buying property and being forced to interact with strangers is a little frightening. That’s why I found this article on a new community property in Brooklyn so interesting. The members of Brooklyn Cohousing are in the process of designing and building a cohousing development. The project is still in its early stages, and the group warns that it may never come to fruition, although a property is currently under contract. What I found most interesting, though, was the consensus building activities the group is using with the help of a facilitator. Negotiating major decisions within one household can be difficult – imagine what it’s like designing a community for 40 households, with each member having veto power!

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