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The MUP Value & Impact Study was a two-year study of the values and motivations driving performing arts attendance and donation. The study was commissioned by 14 leading university performing arts presenters. To download an overview of the study, including a list of the study partners and a list of deliverables

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Impact Study

Assessing the Intrinsic Impacts of a Live Performance attempts to define and measure how audiences are transformed by a live performance. The study develops a simple measurement tool to assess impact, provides an analytical framework for considering the results, and suggests how performing arts presenters might begin to use this information to select programs more purposefully and evaluate them on the basis of impact instead of attendance. The protocols may be found in the appendix of the full report.

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Segmentation Study

The study produced two new segmentation models, one for ticket buyers and another for donors, based on an extensive multi-site online survey conducted in 2006. A cluster analysis was conducted on a total of 51 attitudinal variables, resulting in a 10-segment ticket buyer model, including Mavericks, Remixers, Networked Students and Serenity-Seekers. A second cluster analysis was performed on donor data to arrive at a 5-segment donor model, including Intrinsics, Networkers, Co-Creators, Marquee Donors, and Youth Focused.

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Creative Summit

In February 2007, marketing directors, graphic designers and other staff from 12 university presenting programs gathered in Lawrence, Kansas for a three-day intensive creative charrette. The purpose of the charrette was to conceptualize new marketing campaigns based on the new ticket buyer segmentation model.

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Additional Insights on Donors, Ticket-Buyers & Audiences

Supplementary Research: The Mellon Papers

While the MUP Value and Impact Study concluded in 2007, much knowledge remained to be harvested from the substantial data sets that the study produced.  Recognizing the opportunity, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation funded a $50,000 proposal from the MUP consortium to extend the value of the study‚Äôs two major datasets by commissioning 10 focused research papers. View the Mellon Papers

Video Productions

Impact Stories

The study also explored how presenters can accumulate and communicate anecdotal evidence of impact. This line of thinking led to the commissioning and production of three stories of impact, available as video files, as well as discussions about how presenters might go about the process of systematically collecting, creating and using the stories. The three stories illustrate how the Clarice Smith Center at Maryland has impacted the lives of a student, a faculty member and a corporate supporter.


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