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"Local Arts Agencies: Creating Opportunity in Challenging Times"

by William Keens

From the November 2004 MONOGRAPH, published by Americans for the Arts. A report summarizing the principal findings of a survey conducted by WolfBrown in March 2004 of 26 Local Arts Agencies

In March 2004, WolfBrown conducted a survey of 26 Local Arts Agencies (LAAs) representing both public agencies and private nonprofit organizations and a range of sizes and geographic locations. All 26 participated in a similar study in 2003. Two additional organizations were not part of its 2004 counterpart. One has been absorbed into a larger department and staff transitions left another unable to respond. Data for 2003 used in making comparisons to 2004 were therefore adjusted to eliminate these two agencies.

This report—the second of its kind sponsored by Americans for the Arts—summarizes the principal findings from a survey of local arts agencies around the country. Like the first of these research initiatives, conducted in 2003, the aim was to develop a current picture of what is happening in our field in what for most have proved to be challenging times.

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