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Covid-19 Audience Outlook Monitor - Update
More study partners on board; methodological updates; gearing up for results
It’s been nearly a month since we announced the Covid-19 Audience Outlook Monitor and there is much to report. What germinated in early March as a vague idea about the need to hear from audiences about their feelings about going out again to cultural events has blossomed into an international tracking study of a proportion I never could have imagined.


Dennie Palmer Wolf’s article, "Teaching Artists as Essential Workers: Respect, Collaboration, and Heft"  has been published via Navigating the Crisis.

In this piece, Dennie Palmer Wolf imagines the possibilities for teaching artists in the context of COVID-19. She writes "This time, strange as it is, is not time out; it’s time to plunge deep in."


WolfBrown's Research is Featured in the NEA and TYA/USA's Newly Released Report on Theater for Young Audiences 
The report, Envisioning the Future of Theater for Young Audiences, features research on the impact of theater for young audiences and identifies obstacles for achieving greater organizational stability. 


WolfBrown Announces the COVID-19 Audience Outlook Monitor
A worldwide tracking study of audience attitudes about attendance at arts and cultural programs during and after the COVID-19 Crisis, the COVID-19 Audience Outlook Monitor will bring timely and essential data to the sector’s decision-making about when and how to resume programming.


Dennie Palmer Wolf’s article, “Act for Young Artists,” has been published via WolfBrown’s new series, Navigating the Crisis.
In this piece, Dennie Palmer Wolf calls for a greater focus on protecting youth arts programs in the face of COVID-19. She lays out critical ways that foundations, donors, state governments, and arts institutions can work with youth to ensure our collective cultural future. 


WolfBrown and the Global Leaders Program Were Selected as Innovators for the International Teaching Artist Collaborative (ITAC)
WolfBrown and Global Leaders Program will be working alongside five other innovators from around the world to create tools, resources, and frameworks for the ITAC. WolfBrown and Global Leaders Program will pilot a project that shares concepts and practices of growth mindset with a group of musicians currently working as teaching artists in international programs.


Alan Brown’s article, “A Sector in Peril,” kicks off WolfBrown’s new series, Navigating the Crisis.
This series is a collection of research papers, blogs and announcements that critically examine the arts sector’s response to COVID-19.

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California Assembly Bill 5 and Worker Misclassification: Their Effects on Nonprofit Arts and Culture Organizations
Victoria Plettner-Saunders worked with San Diego employment attorney Arlene Yang to write a white paper outlining California Assembly Bill 5 and its impact on arts organizations.  more >>
Qualitative Impact Framework
The Canada Council for the Arts commissioned Alan Brown, John Carnwath, and James Doeser to create a custom framework to suit the complexity of the Canadian arts ecology.
more >>
Teaching Artist Companion to Aesthetic Perspectives
A new publication developed by Animating Democracy, a program of Americans for the Arts, in collaboration with WolfBrown more >>
Liberating Academic Mindsets Through Culturally Responsive Arts Integration
A new report on Arts Corps' Highline Creative Schools Initiative by WolfBrown and MEMconsultants
more >>
Making Music, Promoting Development: The Power of Practice
A chapter by Dennie Palmer Wolf, Steven Holochwost, and Judith Hill Bose in the new volume, Music Learning As Youth Development.
more >>

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Of questions and canyons
Dennie Palmer Wolf's essay is one of 15 essays published in The Teacher You Want to Be: Essays about Children, Learning, and Teaching. This collection of essays explores questions about education stimulated by the remarkable pre-schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy. more >>
Four Keys to Cultivating a Donor
Featured in Guidestar's October 2015 newsletter, this article by Dr. Thomas Wolf discusses four key concepts for successful donor cultivation. more >>

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No. 32 | published 2017
Deserving of Trust: Helping A Nonprofit Board Toward Good Governance
Good governance starts with accurate self-diagnosis. How is this done? Who does it? Who has the credibility to convince the majority of board members that such actions are necessary? These questions and more are explored in the latest volume of Sounding Board.  more >>
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