Human Capital Strategy/HR Support

When we think of building organizational capacity, we most often think of strengthening executive and board leadership, cultivating new audiences through bold artistic initiatives, and building capital reserves to ensure financial stability. While these are all important pathways to sustainability, the common denominator is people. Without a motivated and skilled workforce, organizational strategy has little chance of successful implementation.

WolfBrown understands human capital as the linchpin of organizational success. And we recognize that the expertise required to manage a nonprofit workforce in the 21st century is significantly more complex than it was even 10 years ago. In strategic plan after strategic plan, we see institutions making serious commitments to workforce improvement. But deeper analysis reveals a paucity of practical solutions and “next steps” towards fulfilling those commitments. To assist nonprofit arts organizations in making sure they have the right people, with the right skills and experience, in the right positions, doing the right work in the right way, we offer the following services:

For Boards of Directors:

  • CEO/Artistic leader succession planning
  • CEO performance review and compensation benchmark analysis
  • Coaching on best practices in governance; development of governance policies and procedures
  • Decision mapping; authority and responsibility charting

For Administrative Staff:

  • Human capital audits – a one-time analysis of current conditions, with recommendations for improvements
  • Organizational culture assessment and core values facilitation
  • Supporting organization-led executive and middle management searches (we do not do consultant-led searches)
  • WolfBrown’s “Best Places to Work” program for nonprofit cultural organizations striving for excellence in building human capital:
    • Talent acquisition (i.e., who and how you hire; onboarding; exit/outplacement)
    • Alignment between staff structure and strategic goals
    • Management transition planning
    • Best practice performance review systems; competitive and equitable compensation and benefits
    • Continuous monitoring of key performance metrics regarding employee engagement, job satisfaction, turnover, etc., through WolfBrown’s online dashboard software
    • Best practice risk management policies and procedures
    • Managing investments in professional development and coaching
  • Mentorship/fellowship program evaluation
  • Compensation benchmark analysis
  • Executive coaching