Employee Assistance Research Foundation
The Employee Assistance Research Foundation (EARF) came to WolfBrown as a newly formed organization devoted to the specialized field of workplace employee assistance. Companies around the world have employee assistance programs that help employees deal with a variety of personal issues in order to ensure a productive workplace. EARF was formed in response to a consensus in the field that there is insufficient understanding about what these programs do and how they impact employee and corporate wellbeing. WolfBrown worked with the board of EARF to develop a strategic plan and fund raising case statement. WolfBrown conducted initial interviews with board members and other informed observers in the field. Based on the information gathered in these interviews, WolfBrown designed and facilitated a board retreat; the discussion there led to the development of a draft case statement. This case statement was distributed to a group of potential foundation funders with whom WolfBrown conducted feasibility interviews. At the same time it was sent to selected thought leaders in the field, who were subsequently interviewed for their reactions by board members themselves. The extensive information and response gathered, and subsequent board discussion led to a redraft of the case statement and development of a strategic plan for moving forward. Because board members were based in a variety of geographic areas, other than the initial board retreat and a final in person meeting of the board, all discussions to move the project forward occurred through board conference calls, which took place twice a month to much success.

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