The International Campaign for Tibet
The International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) is the largest Tibet organization in the west with more than 100,000 members worldwide and offices in Washington, D.C., Amsterdam, and Berlin. Since its founding in 1988, ICT has increased awareness about the situation in Tibet and moved the U.S. Government from a position of indifference to a responsive and active role on Tibetan issues. ICT called upon WolfBrown to help them determine the feasibility of launching a successful capital campaign to take the organization to the next level of impact and effectiveness. WolfBrown consultants drafted a case statement, and then conducted in depth interviews with several members of the board and staff, as well as those individuals considered to be the most likely potential donors to the campaign in order to “test” the case and gauge their impression of, and depth of support for, the organization. A written report of findings and recommendations was drafted and presented to the organization’s leadership.

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