American Philological Association
WolfBrown was retained by the American Philological Association as it was applying for a significant National Endowment for the Humanities Challenge Grant to support essential research resources for the field of classics. WolfBrown conducted a round of preliminary interviews upon which was based a draft case statement for a capital campaign, a list of key interviews for a feasibility study, and a prospect list for additional research. WolfBrown then conducted the feasibility interviews and simultaneously worked with a partner firm to develop a series of prospect profiles. The results of the study were an expansion and refocusing of APA’s original thinking around the capital campaign in order to make the case as widely appealing as possible while still supporting APA priorities. Deliverables from the project included an extensive prospect notebook, a feasibility study that included a campaign plan and budget, and a presentation and facilitated session with the APA board. WolfBrown also assisted APA in completing the critical fund-raising planning section of their NEH application. WolfBrown has continued to work with APA on campaign implementation, which received a considerable boost from a successful award from the NEH of the full amount requested. In the first two years of the campaign, APA raised half of the required four to one match.