Turtle Bay Exploration Park
As follow-up to WolfBrown consultant work for Turtle Bay on a Business Plan that had included the merger of five organizations into one, the consultants were hired to develop a comprehensive program plan for a new 300 acre indoor and outdoor "living museum" complex. The consultants assembled a team of museum program planners to develop strategic messages, educational elements, visitor icons, exhibition philosophy, visitor experiences, initial site planning, and main exhibition areas. The public exhibitions and programs focus on interpreting the environmental, historical, and cultural aspects of the Sacramento River and Northern California. This program plan was designed to serve the local community, local schools, and area visitors/tourists. The Turtle Bay plan created a truly interdisciplinary approach to presenting issues from the social, economic, artistic, environmental, scientific, and historical perspectives. A major theme of the program plan was also sustainable resources and communities. Components of the $65 million project under construction at the time of the planning work, including a Calatrava Bridge and 35,000 square feet of museum space, were later completed and the institution today is a major attraction in northern California.

For other services WolfBrown has provided Turtle Bay Exploration Park, see Financial Analysis and Business Planning, Merger, Consolidation and Re-organization, and Facility Planning.

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