New England Conservatory
New England Conservatory (NEC) recognized that, in a rapidly changing, competitive world, their graduates will need to develop skills that complement their musical performance capabilities and enable them to create their own career opportunities. NEC engaged WolfBrown to develop a new “entrepreneurial musicianship” program, to give NEC students and alumni the additional personal and professional skills they need to be successful in their chosen careers. WolfBrown researched “best practices” in entrepreneurial musicianship training and solicited input from NEC stakeholders and other industry leaders (through web-based surveys and interviews) regarding the entrepreneurial skills that musicians will need and how NEC should provide training in those areas. WolfBrown synthesized this internal and external input, along with an assessment of NEC’s existing programs, into a set of recommendations regarding the design and implementation of additions and modifications to NEC’s curricular and extra-curricular educational and professional development programs.

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