As Los Angeles’ performing arts center, The Music Center (TMC) has served millions of patrons for more than five decades and is one of the largest and most respected performing art centers in the nation.

Beginning in 2012, TMC undertook a strategic realignment of its dance presenting series in order to better reflect the diversity of the LA marketplace both in terms of age and ethnic diversity. WolfBrown was hired by the TMC to study its audiences, programs, and community and to aid TMC in considering a range of programming approaches that would help align TMC with the diverse LA marketplace.

In order to support TMC in addressing this endeavor in a methodical and strategic fashion, WolfBrown posed a series of questions that guided the research process. The study WolfBrown proceed to conduct, was split into three tracks. Each track was driven by a different research and methodological focus, the resulting data intersected at various points, helping to contextualize, inform and bolster observations and recommendations.

Results provided from the yearlong study provided TMC with new insights into how the dance landscape is changing, what programming TMC should focus on to attract a more diverse audience, as well as recommendations and next steps.

Completed: 2013
Consultants: Alan Brown
Category: Market Quality & Competitive Analysis