Major University Presenters Consortium
As part of a larger two-year study of the values and impact that drive performing arts attendance and donations, WolfBrown designed and conducted a groundbreaking study of the intrinsic impacts of a live performance. The study involved surveying audiences at 19 multi-disciplinary performances across six university campuses, including a pre-performance survey administered immediately prior to curtain and a post-performance take home/mail back survey. The response rates for the surveys were 74% and 66%, respectively. The protocols delved into audience members’ readiness to receive the art (pre-performance) and the six constructs of intrinsic impact: captivation, intellectual stimulation, emotional resonance, spiritual value, aesthetic growth, and social bonding. Assessing the Intrinsic Impacts of a Live Performance , the report authored by Alan Brown and Jennifer Novak, has been featured at numerous domestic and international conferences, and may be downloaded for free from the WolfBrown website.