With broad, first-hand experience in the nonprofit field, WolfBrown is able to offer an objective, outside perspective that is necessary for effective assessments and evaluations. Our consultants have provided dozens of organizations with just such analyses, ranging from complex program evaluations for foundations and other nonprofit organizations, to audits of office systems, to assessments of an organization’s governance, personnel, marketing, fund raising, and other operational practices. Often our work has come as organizations prepare for change.

The process of assessment and evaluation requires a combination of observational skill, analytical rigor, field knowledge, independent judgment, practical experience, and flexibility in design. The company’s customized methodologies encompass data-driven and quantitative analyses as well as observation and comparative benchmarking studies. Our consultants are able to provide immediate and seamless assistance from evaluation through planning, drawing on lessons learned and offering expert recommendations in an economical fashion.

Evaluations and assessments are always designed in conjunction with the client and each is tailored to the specific situation. In many cases, an organization asks for and receives feedback along the way, which allows for mid-course improvements in an organization or program.

For arts organizations interested in collecting patron feedback to measure the impact of their work, WolfBrown offers the Intrinsic Impact audience feedback program and reporting dashboard. Designed specifically with arts organizations in mind, this customizable program and data visualization tool is appropriate and affordable for theatres, symphonies, dance companies, museums, and presenters at every budget level. Visit the Intrinsic Impact website for more information.