Americans for the Arts
Americans for the Arts retained WolfBrown to survey a national sample of local arts agencies. The purpose behind this research was two-pronged: to ascertain the economic impact these agencies and their constituents faced given a prolonged recession; and to discover the contingency plans these local arts agencies and their members employed to sustain their work during the economic downturn. The subsequent report noted a range of experiences, typically reflecting local circumstances. Prior to delivering a standing-room only PowerPoint presentation at the 2003 AFTA Annual Convention, this report was shared at six open forum audio-conferences, where several hundred representatives from the surveyed arts agencies and others participated.

For the third and final year, WolfBrown worked with Americans for the Arts (AFTA) to survey a consistent group of local arts agencies around the country regarding the economic, political, and other conditions under which they were operating. Over the past three years this survey has proven to be a reliable indicator of the field’s mood and its expectations for the future. After dipping significantly between the first and second years, those expectations, projected through 2007, have shown gradual but steady improvement. AFTA has published this research in a series of Monographs that have been widely distributed and that have featured interviews with selected local arts agency executives.

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