People For the American Way
WolfBrown and People For the American Way had already worked together for a number of years on the development and evolution of People For's Artsave project when a leadership transition created the opportunity for organization-wide planning. The organization's mission is to foster pluralism, freedom of thought, expression, and religion, and community tolerance and compassion based on the tenets outlined in the nation's founding documents.

WolfBrown led People For the American Way through a planning process that engaged everyone in the organization in a detailed analysis of the institution and the environment in which it operates. The process was highly consultative and participatory, and involved both board and staff, with the latter working intensively in a variety of task forces and working groups to research and develop specific strategies. The consultants guided this process by consulting with a staff planning group and facilitating a variety of meetings with People For's executive committee, full board, and staff. Then they prepared the ground for a two-day retreat by drafting proposals for possible initial actions and by facilitating deliberations among staff task forces. Following the retreat, staff working groups analyzed a range of specific programmatic and operational proposals and their implications for the organization. While these meetings were taking place, the consultants also developed a series of comparable studies examining how other organizations have faced the kinds of challenges and changes People For the American Way is confronting.

Working closely with the staff planning group, the consultants subsequently prepared an initial draft of a comprehensive strategic plan, and assisted the staff in guiding the plan through executive committee review, revision, and final board approval. The result has been a re-energized organization that is moving quickly to reorganize and implement the plan's strategies. As a follow-up to the planning process, WolfBrown worked with Jane A. Couch on a development assessment that has analyzed how to take advantage of these new strategies in developing new resources. WolfBrown also provided follow-up executive search and interim management services to guide People For the American Way's fund-raising efforts.

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