Boston Symphony Orchestra

A Plan for a Tanglewood Learning Institute

In order to enhance the summer program offerings at Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO), the Orchestra contracted with WolfBrown to assist in a feasibility study and plan for a Tanglewood Learning Institute. The Institute would provide a variety of adult education experiences utilizing the considerable musical and intellectual resources of the Tanglewood campus. 

A Working Group of BSO staff and board members oversaw the planning process, which included the development of a concept paper, follow-up interviews, a facility review, a demand survey that went to over 120,000 Tanglewood audience members and over 3,700 amateur musicians, and two focus group sessions. Based on potential audience interest revealed in the surveys, WolfBrown provided a multi-year plan for a Tanglewood Learning Institute that included different operating and financial scenarios (ranging from a relatively small program to one that was considerably more ambitious.  Also included was a marketing plan, an initial space needs assessment, and several proposed program offerings derived in part from the focus group sessions.

Completed: 2014
Consultants: Thomas Wolf, Jane Culbert
Category: Strategic Planning

Symposium on The 21st Century Music Director

The consultants conducted an earlier project for the Boston Symphony Orchestra in 2001.  They planned and conducted a national symposium entitled “The 21st Century Music Director” hosted by the BSO at Tanglewood.  Invited guests included orchestra conductors, musicians, administrators and national funders.  The results were published in “Harmony” (Number 14, April 2002) and can be found here.

Completed: 2002
Consultants: Thomas Wolf, Bill Keens, Gina Perille
Category: Enhanced Facilitation and Field Summits