Bonobo Conservation Initiative 
The Bonobo Conservation Initiative (BCI) is a unique organization that focuses on the preservation of an endangered species of great ape found only in the Democratic Republic of Congo. BCI works to set aside land to preserve the bonobos’ habitat and collaborates with local organizations and people on development projects that build community capacity in health, education, and job creation, and develop local commitment to bonobo preservation. As a small organization, BCI was seeking a strategic planning process that would match its organizational capacity and help to increase that capacity and become sustainable. A series of interviews by WolfBrown consultants led up to a retreat of the BCI board. Based on this facilitated conversation, BCI and WolfBrown were able to develop a detailed five year strategic plan, laid out in a table of goals, objectives, and actions. WolfBrown also provided guidance for budget development to match income and expense projections to the plan.

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