Association of Performing Arts Presenters
As the national service organization for the presenting field, the Association of Arts Presenters wanted to explore whether and how to develop a formal program of continuing education in their efforts to serve their members. Accordingly, Arts Presenters contracted with WolfBrown to assist in the development of a plan for this program. Research for the project involved interviews, focus groups, and a carefully designed survey, as well as an analysis of related research carried out earlier by the organization. The resulting report provided an outline for a three-phase program to be developed over ten years, the end result of which would be a full, comprehensive, balanced curriculum based on field standards that would be developed over time. Linkages with other educational providers, ways to encourage leadership involvement, delivery mechanisms for offerings (including use of technology), marketing, and pricing were also discussed in the report.

When the Wisconsin-based service organization called the Association of College, University, and Community Arts Administrators (ACUCAA) considered its mission, activities, and membership, there was a realization that the organization needed some strategic planning. With a new executive director, ACUCAA was in a state of transition when it hired WolfBrown to conduct the planning process. Its leadership wished to assess the needs of the field and respond to those needs more effectively. The WolfBrown consultants’ process included an organizational assessment, interviews, meetings with international presenters to assess needs outside the U.S., and a report that focused on recommendations, most of which were implemented. The results of the process led to the organization's move to Washington, DC, a name change, and an expanded service role.

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