A Strategic Plan for a Mental Health Agency
Founded in 1928, ANDRUS serves children and strengthens families by offering enriching early childhood and after-school programs, providing community-based mental health services, and offering special education for emotionally fragile children in multiple sites around Westchester County and the New York Metropolitan area. WolfBrown was engaged to assist with the development of a strategic plan early in the tenure of the organization’s new President and Chief Executive Officer. The focus of the planning process took into account changes in healthcare systems in the US and the impact of these changes on programs, human resources, governance, facilities, and financial resources. The final product included detailed financial scenarios as well as timelines for proposed actions.

Since approval of the plan, WolfBrown consultants have been engaged to ensure the plan’s implementation.  The consultants have also assisted with enhancements in the area of governance, fundraising, and research/evaluation.

Consultants: Thomas Wolf, Jane Culbert
Year Complete: 2016
Category: Strategic Planning