Scottsdale Cultural Council
WolfBrown was hired by the City of Scottsdale, AZ to assist in planning the creation of a new private nonprofit, the Scottsdale Cultural Council (originally known as the Arts Council of Scottsdale), through the merger of a City agency and several support organizations. Its purpose was to oversee all cultural development and arts programs for the city, including management of Scottsdale Center for the Arts. Until the creation of this private nonprofit, the City had managed and programmed this facility, as well as other cultural programs. WolfBrown developed a transition plan, outlining specific steps required to establish this new entity, as well as a detailed business plan for the new arts council, including budget projections and detailed staffing recommendations. Relationships with other previously-existing nonprofit organizations involved in Center programming were also addressed in this plan.

For other services WolfBrown has provided to the Scottsdale Cultural Council, see Cultural Engagement Research and Strategy Planning .

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