San Jose Historical Museum
WolfBrown became involved in helping determine the future of the San Jose Historical Museum, which was operated by the City of San Jose, California. This diverse community was in need of an assessment of the feasibility of transferring some or all of the operations of this museum from the City’s oversight and administration to a nonprofit entity. As an experienced facilitator in the nonprofit area, WolfBrown was able to ask and help answer the difficult questions by considering the needs of the community and the museum. Interviews and key discussions were held to develop a “key issues” matrix to determine governance, funding, accreditation, programming, and other relevant issues. WolfBrown conducted both local and national research to gather data on governance and administrative structures that would impact for the museum. A mission statement, strategic plan, and a transition plan including benchmarks were approved by a committee and City Council. History San Jose now fully operates the San Jose Historical Museum, which has grown to hold the largest regional historical collection in California.

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