The Bushnell
WolfBrown undertook facility-planning work for The Bushnell in Hartford, a renowned New England performance venue. The work included a major marketing study and feasibility study for a second, adjacent facility intended as a performance space with other associated uses.

After conducting the initial research that determined the market demand for a performance venue, as well as its site, configuration, and use, a second-phase facility feasibility study was conducted to determine the details of the proposed 900-seat venue. This process was conducted within the context of an internal planning process, a program analysis and plan (including classical music and education programs), budgeting, organizational restructuring, and other management concerns related to the new building.

Three additional on-going aspects of this project involved product testing and analysis for the new facility, convening a group of recognized national field leaders to discuss opportunities in programming, and overseeing an architectural competition. The new facility, now completed, includes the new theater, a café, a gift shop, classroom space, and a large meeting room/reception hall. It solidifies the role of the Bushnell in serving its region by offering a range of national, regional, and community performances and events and broadening the range of educational activities.

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